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Linking and concluding sentence. Even after his death, his presence could still be felt in Russia, as his successors worked to replicate his methods. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:.

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He constantly claimed,. Either we make good this difference in 10 years or they will crush us. Propaganda was used to push people to their productivity limit. He supposedly mined tons of coal in 6hrs. Therefore, people worked tirelessly to meet and even exceed targets to be viewed as a hero by Stalin.

This was successful as it ensured the success of the 5-Year Plans, turned workers against opponents of the Communist Regime, thus keeping Stalin in power.

go to link In addition to propaganda, Stalin consistently used terror as a power consolidation tactic. The Great Terror of the s was a period of unprecedented cruelty directed at all levels of society. During the Terror, sparked by the murder of Leningrad Communist leader Kirov, the NKVD secret police brutally dealt with any opponents or even suspected opponents of Stalin.

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Members of this police force were anonymous and therefore people feared that they were surrounded by them. Even NKVD members were afraid of falling victim themselves or facing punishment if they failed to reach the arrest quota. Many suspects were sent to gulags labour camps where they faced long working hours to contribute to industrialisation. Finally, Stalin combined both propaganda and terror to consolidate his power in the Show Trials of which were the centre-piece of the Terror.

This essentially deflected the blame of collectivisation failure from him. Soviet newspapers contained details of the charges brought against the defendants.

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The Trials were attended by foreign journalists. This brought communism to the world stage. This was the element of propaganda associated with the Trials.

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Only two of the original man government remained — Stalin and the exiled Trotsky. Stalin had more power over Russia than he had ever had. Khrushchev, successor. Stalin was a mastermind of propaganda and terror, a trait which kept him in power for almost 3 decades. Credit: Shaun McBride. Lenin the previous leader suffered strokes in and This was the communist parliament. Stalin teamed up with Kamenev and Zinoviev. They believed communism should first be established in Russia first and than the world.

They faced off Trotsky. Trotsky was a popular figure, he was the commissioner of war and lead the Reds to victory against the Whites during the Russian civil war. Trotsky also believed in the global rise of workers. Trotsky also held other prominent roles like the minister of foreign affairs.

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This made Trotsky an experienced and powerful figure. Stalin was able to take advantage of position as general secretary of the party. He was able to appoint his supporters to powerful positions in the party. He also took advantage of Kamenev and Zinoviev. With Kamenev and Zinovievs help he was to prevent it from becoming public and damaging his image. The letter also criticised Trotsky as being egotistical and overconfident. Stalin also took advantage of mistakes made by Trotsky.

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