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Goal Setting Theory

The first section will discuss the foundation of the theory along with its main tenets. The second section will provide real life examples of the theory application and critically examine the applicability of the theory in the North American managerial workplace supported by empirical work.

Stemming from Aristotle theory, Locke continued to research on goal setting for thirty years. With the contribution of Locke and other scientists, this theory has now been popularized and become one of the most widely used horses regarding motivation. There were two major sets of initial studies conducted — the difficulty of the goal difficult versus easy , and the specificity of the goal specific versus vague goals. He concluded that difficult goals led to higher performance than easy goals, given that the difficulty was within an attainable limit.

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His second conclusion was that specific goals were more effective than vague ones Locke, Along with the two original characteristics of successful goal setting, three additional characteristics have been identified as crucial. The goal setting theory is now guided by five principles: goal clarity, goal challenge, goal commitment, performance feedback, and task complexity. The following paragraphs will briefly discuss each of the five principles and the supporting research. A clear goal is defined as being specific and measurable.

In six of the eight studies that Locke conducted, the level of performance was significantly higher in the group that was given a specific goal compared to the group that was given a vague goal. Another primary issue researched on goal setting was the goal challenge or difficulty. When participants were given these two types of goals, data indicated that, harder goals resulted in higher levels of performance Klein et al. Optimally, a goal should not be too difficult o a point where it is unattainable and motivation suffers Bennett, However, overall on average, the performance level in individuals with higher goals was still significantly higher than those with very easy goals Klein et al.

This can be explained by the idea that high goals lead to high performance, which is associated with rewards, and rewards often result in high satisfaction. Goal commitment has been said to be a secondary characteristic cause it interacts with goal difficulty to produce performance.

5-Paragraph Personal Goals Essay -- Part 2 -- Opening Paragraph

It has been found that commitment is crucial for difficult goals, but does not necessarily result in high performance when given an easy goal Klein et al. In a review of the literature, on average across all goal difficulty, it has been concluded that the higher the level of goal commitment, the higher the level of performance output Klein et al.

Commitment to a goal can be increased when the goal is individually set or when the individual agrees to the assigned goal. Furthermore, self-efficacy is also a topic often discussed when relating to goal setting. As this is a topic in and of itself, it is important to just note here that self-efficacy plays an important role in goal commitment.

Reflective Essay on Setting Goals

A higher level of self-efficacy in relation to goal attainment I. Performance feedback is necessary for goal setting to be effective because it helps individuals gauge how well they are doing and the adjustments required for improvement. Finally, in 1 , Lethal examined the relationship between complex goals and performance levels. The sense of direction is actually what enables the mind to focus on a goal and go on a path to achieve the goal instead of aimlessly going around for nothing. With a goal in mind, we know exactly what all things to do for attaining the goal.

With the help of these aims, one can set a benchmark for the performance of self and then one can compare how high or how low the performance is as compared to the level that is set.

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In order to be able to prosper in your artistic career, you need to plan what you need and get it. For instance, if you have set a goal to finish reading a book within a week, every time when you will read the book, you will have an idea about how many pages you have read so far, which is definitely a measure of your progress. For example, you can distinguish yourself from others by positioning yourself as a tax audit, forensic accounting, expert witness's work, or financial technology expert. To test, please click here or down. As a college sophomore, at 20 years old, I am in the beginning to see the benefits of setting goals.

It can also be very well understood that how good or how bad one has performed in comparison to the previous performance. Goals help to create accountability — Having a goal in mind makes one accountable, and most importantly this accountability is only for the purpose of self. No one has any idea about the goals that have been set, and no one stands to gain if the goals are achieved. These goals solely help to create accountability of self, and by the setting of some specific goals, one can easily understand that if one is on the right track or not and if not then what needs to be done to be right back on track.

Goals keep us locked in and uninstructed — The setting of goals gives us the feeling of mental boundaries or limits that we are supposed to stay within.

Goals Of A Goal Setting

When one has an endpoint in mind, one automatically stays away from various distractions and stay focused towards the goal. Hence, the goals play a decisive role in preventing any hindrances or obstacles in the path of achieving the goal. There are several people who work extremely hard but are unable to achieve anything ultimately because they are just working because they need to work and are going in the direction where life is taking them.

Goals that we set for the future also allow us to measure our progress with time.

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For instance, if you have set a goal to finish reading a book within a week, every time when you will read the book, you will have an idea about how many pages you have read so far, which is definitely a measure of your progress. On the other hand, if there is no such goal set, you may take an entire month to finish a book because there is nothing that is giving you the direction to complete this task. Setting goals for yourself is a great way of knowing how much you have achieved and how much is still there to go. Motivation is yet another crucial benefit of setting a goal for your future. If you have decided on certain goals to achieve during your lifetime, it will provide you with the motivation to keep going in the right direction. Setting goals is similar to giving a foundation to your dreams.

Goals add excitement and motivation into your monotonous life, hence making the entire journey worthwhile and encouraging for you. Your email address will not be published.