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Science and technology have made tremendous progress in the last two centuries and almost revolutionized the human existence.

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No aspect of human life has remained unaffected by it. We cannot help but marvel at the ingenuity of our ancestors, who with their preservenice and constant endeavor managed to unravel the mysteries of nature, and made it possible for man to have basic necessities of life, like food, shelter and clothing.

Man home the master of his environment to a large extent.

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Free Essay: Science in Society Within the last century scientific discovery has been growing at an exponential rate. Evolution, genetics, physics, and. Science and Society. Essay No. Synopsis: Science and society are in constant and fruitful interaction through scientists. Man is a social.

Our progress in science and technique has involved some tincture of evil, with good. It has led to wasting of human bodies and brought new diseases which science is still grappling with. Industrialization in its wake brought problems of congestion of cities due to mass exodus of rural people in search of employment. Science has given man deadly weapons which have increased crime and destruction of man by man.

Progress in the industrial field has been all the more impressive. These modern means of mass communication have truly proved to be very effective tools of education. Science has performed wonders in the field of communication. One can talk to ones near and dear relatives over long distance on telephone, or send messages. The world has indeed shrunk and frontiers of distances have been overcome. Atomic energy is one of the most valuable discoveries of science. In agriculture farmer are able to save their crops from destruction by pests and insects with the help of atomic energy. It industry too, it has helped in the production of better quality of goods.

Scientific age has indeed brought about astounding Social change.

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However, all changes are not necessarily conducive to the welfare of man. Today, the world lives under a fear of the outbreak of Third World War, which if it was to become a reality could be the end of life on earth. In spite of this dark looming cloud more and more countries have acquired sophisticated weapons and are spending the precious national income on defense equipment. If they are used by the nations who have them, the entire mankind will be destroyed in one sweep. Unplanned industrialization has played halo; with our ecology.

Today, environmentalists go hoarse by crying in vain to attract the attention of the people in power to save the trees, hills, etc.

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We should work for the benefit of the human race and planet on which we live. Man has to exercise control over his primitive passions like lust for power, instinct to fight for his survival He should use science for his advancement and growth and not allow it to destroy everything Men must take their destiny do their own hands and using their natural wisdom use science to build a glorious future for the human race. Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function.

Secondary Hindi Sr. Direct participation increases the likelihood that society will make choices that help manage risks and realize opportunities. Even among scientists disposed to civic engagement, differences arise based on the range of ways that scientists can choose to participate in policy discussions.

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The difference between scientific debates and courtroom advocacy is particularly illustrative. In the courtroom, advocates make the strongest case on behalf of their client that they possibly can. That falls on the other side. This can be a powerful approach for winning a public debate or influencing a decision. Science, in contrast, relies on a full and objective assessment of the evidence. Scientists have an obligation to identify conflicting evidence, expose weaknesses in their analysis, and offer plausible alternative interpretations. This is a powerful approach for expanding knowledge and understanding and for building credibility as a source of information.

The policy process includes elements of both courtroom advocacy e. Scientists who engage with the policy process must decide whether to engage in a manner that is consistent with science but that is sometimes at odds with the norms of the policy process or vice versa. Notably, the difference between those who favor one approach or another is based on value judgments.

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