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British imperialism: The East India Company

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The topic of this paper is; compare and contrast the responses of Japan, China, and India to Western Imperialism. In the real world, the powerful win against the good, the best liars get away with it, force trumps virtue, theft and violation go unpunished, hubris and karma lie thin on the ground. Armenian Genocide. India, Asia and parts of Africa joined with them to help expand their territory. Colonialism refers to a process of control and domination where one country dominates the other.

The British government sent India into bankruptcy, and kept the Indians as slaves. Many environments, cultures and religions were also ruined because of British imperialism. As you can see, the sun never sets on the British Empire.


The British had conquered lands all across the globe, gaining more things politically as well as economically as they continued. They no longer were in need of anything, especially power.

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They had all the power they could get, and even helped out other countries while they received it. They improved transportation, spread their religion, created irrigation and government systems, as well as much more. A large goal when involved with imperialism is to reach sovereignty, and the British Empire in the s definitely accomplished that goal. If the British did not have so much pride and devotion to their country they would not have reached this ambition, and they would not have succeed half as far as they did. Causes of British Imperialism.

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Essay: Indian Imperialism

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European nations like Great Britain began to use the term imperialism, to justify using their powers over weaker countries around the world. Two countries who were impacted by imperialism were Nigeria and India. Imperialism was very beneficial for the European and American powers, but had a negative impact on the countries who faced this which would lead to issues.

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Imperialism in India Essay. Show More. This knowledge of principles such as autonomy and freedom naturally led to many Indians desiring this for their own nation, understandable since it appeared that the world's greatest and most powerful nations were self-governing democracies, and this system was obviously successful.

Part of the newfound desire for freedom experienced by many Indians was the desire for native religion and customs to be respected. It is widely accepted that the Indian mutiny of was at least partly generated by Indian resentment of British interference in Hindu customs. Indian soldiers in the army were required to bite the ends off gun cartridges that contained pig fat and cow fat, which offended both Muslims and Hindus. When troops refused to use the cartridges, "eighty sepoys were thrown into gaol for disobedience, an act which finally triggered the uprising.

This showed a great lack of cultural and religious sensitivity on the part of British officers. Although the mutiny was put down quickly, it shook British confidence in their power, and resulted in tighter control of their hold on India.

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