A reflective essay should strike a balance between what and what

Time is Precious Essay

There are people who died very young, but lived far much better and fulfilling lives than people who grew to their old ages. Time depreciates in quantity, but appreciates in value as time goes by. As we age, we realize that we are not invincible and death is always around the corner. It becomes crystal clear that time is a great asset that we have wasted away chasing after things that have no importance at all. The little time we have left, we try to spend it with people we love. Unfortunately, our loved ones are at their productive stages and they also waste away time pursuing things that have little importance to them.

It is worth noting that time appreciates in value, as we grow older because we become wise enough to know that it is a scarce resource that can be depleted any time. However, for some people, time depreciates in value. This is especially true for people who have done crime and have to do time to atone for their crimes.

This time is toxic to them and they just want to do away with it so that they can be free and get back to their normal lives. But, this time is not always bad when you factor in people who may be in need of it, such as criminals on death row waiting to be executed. Another great example is a person who has wasted the quality of his life doing drugs. Eventually, his lifestyle choices will get to him. His life or rather time is depreciating in value with each passing second.

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This means that the rate at which our time is depleted is twice as fast for drug users. This is the reason why most of them die younger. Moreover, time flies and it really flies fast while you are thinking of primitive things as doing your essay on time.

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Firstly, you are in baby diapers, the next minute you are in adult diapers. Some waste it away watching television and fantasizing about movie stars. Others waste it away doing things that are detrimental to their spiritual, economic, physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Yet others waste their time waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Unbeknownst to them, opportunities rarely come and it is up to us to create them.

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Opportunities do not come flying through the window. You have to be in the nick of things, doing something meaningful and that is when an opportunity will arise. Make most of your time and you will be rewarded ten folds of it, waste it and the little you have will be taken away, just like in the parable of talents. But, they never seem to have time to do them, as they continuously tell themselves. The truth of the matter is that there is time for everything, how we plan or fail to plan our time is the problem.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

lessviledgwetse.ga This is actually true for time. There is time for everything. There is time for work, study, eating, sleeping, relaxing, playing, praying, vacations etc. Failure to plan our life makes it seem scarce, when it is actually enough to do whatever we want to do. We have 24 hours in a day, yet there are individuals who are far much busier than us, yet still find the right balance to have a happy life. The secret is how they plan their lives. They wake up earlier than most of us. Utilize the early morning hours doing something constructive like working out.

What is a Reflection Paper Format?

A reflective essay should strike a balance between Essay on environmental protection and economic development. Essay writing my idea of a happy life. How to. A reflective essay should strike a balance between and. Problem of aral sea essay. instead, it further amplifies the buying of products and services that fuel.

After work in the evening, they rush to play with their kids, have family dinner and dedicate sometime for their wives. Then, they spend maybe an hour reducing some work log, before hitting the sack. Weekends are strictly for family and friends and each year, they have to go for vacations.

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If someone wants to visit or do something for you, they will always find or create time. Why should they waste their time doing stuff for you, when they can use it to watch their favorite television shows? Eventually, years slip away and we are unable to do whatever we planned to do. We realize how precious our loved were when it is too late. Our concept of time is skewed to the wrong side. We assume there is plenty of it and just procrastinate through it, just like how we do assignments. We do nothing for the most part of it and as the deadline approaches, we are knocked out of our hinges trying to beat them.

The best approach would be to do heavy tasks while we are young and as we grow older, the intensity and heaviness of the work should be reduced. The reality is that we do less work and more fun while we are young and then try to recover all the wasted time when we age. While you would assume that it is an initiative by our young adults to make the best out of their time, they actually use it as an excuse to waste their lives partying, doing drugs and overindulging in sexual activities. So I finished educationand start working my dream.

What is a Reflection Paper Format?

I love my job so much and I am proud of myselfand the team I am with. Unselfishness is very important, but it is not enough to be a goodpractitioner.

What is a Reflection Paper?

A good practitioner also needs a thorough education and a fairworking experience. One of the basic requirements is four or more years ofschooling and practice. The doctor treats the patient, a practitioner providesall the nursing, concern, monitoring. You must behave like a parent to thepatient. It's important that you try to feel the patient's pain and anxiety andto help him.

Carefulness and patience are needed. The care should beheartfelt.

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Must be tolerant and show compassion. A good practitioner needs to be aware of the surroundings, have the powerto observe and rule extremely professionally.

You must always have the desire to learn more about treating patients andmedicine. In recent years, practitioners are demanding an ever-increasingdegree of professional knowledge. It is therefore a must to have a desire forlearning and to be able to understand what we are learning.

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Your email address will not be published. What qualifications will you need? Term paper writers of a high-grade are not that easy to find, nevertheless there are thousands of writing resources. Shelf Four is the stinging slap I received from reality in my early teens. The overload and demanding routine activities make us become less sensitive to everything. This pivotal experience formulated my passion and career objective: preserving the environment and protecting our resources. We always have a mix of good students in every class.

In addition, weneed to make decisions quickly and urgently intervene when needed. A person who works as a nurse obviously has to be extremely self-sacrificing. You need to be without prejudice, agree with your colleagues andfit into a medical hierarchy. You must love people and have asincere desire to help them.

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You need to be prepared to cope with stressbecause practitioners are not allowed to make mistakes.